Architecture and urban planning

Sweco creates architecture for a sustainable society and contributes to good environments where people can live, work, learn, play and heal. Sweco has capabilities in interior design, landscape architecture, urban planning, socio.economic assessment and consequence analysis. The company’s services also include advanced visualisation, sustainable development and startegic analysy. This wide-ranging expertise facilitates inter-disciplinary coordination and is essential for success in large and complex assignments. Sweco Hydroprojekt respects the requirements related to the value of structure such as low energy consumption, construction costs, compliance with environmental principles. Priorities for projects involving overground structures are sensitive integration into the surrounding environment, the preservation of vegetation elements, respect for people and nature.

  • Building Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Land Use Planning
  • Landscape Engineering and Architecture
  • Land Consolidation

Land Consolidation

Land consolidation are intended for the benefit of the public and entail modifications to the spatial and functional characteristics of land, merger or severance of properties, ensure public access and utilization and align property boundaries in order to create condition for the rational management by the land owners.

Their intention is also to ensure improvements to the environment, protection and fertilization of soils, water resources and improvement of ecological stability of the given area. Results of land modifications are used in the renewal of natural resources and as binding background for land use planning.

Sweco Hydroprojekt has successfully completed and implemented the design of simple and complex land modification, including modifications to the land registry records . In conjunction to the completed design of complex land modifications, Sweco Hydroprojekt has developed a series of implementation projects for common features (field pathways, polders, open channels, environmental stability elements).

Sweco Hydroprojekt’s main activities:

- Design of simple land consolidation
- Design of comprehensive land consolidation
- Implementing projects for common facilities