The Mladá Boleslav I WWTP– Upgrading and Intensification Project

Enriching Project. A complex reconstruction and upgrading of the wastewater treatment plant project was provoked by more strict requirements in environmental protection and need of improvement in Mladá Boleslav Agglomeration according to 91/271/EEC Directive. Project was supported by the EU Cohesion Fund. Project was awarded title” Water Management Project of the 2009 year” in the first category. Regional Water Company “Vodovody a kanalizace Mladá Boleslav” is the owner of the facility.

The objective of comprehensive reconstruction of the WWTP has been partially modified in few rounds; the most significant modification concerned meeting the legal limits for urban wastewater treatment. New biological treatment line is the most important within the project scope as well as the sludge and biogas treatment facilities. Total investment cost was 300 Million CZK.

Sweco Hydroprojekt provided complete design documentation, participated in survey of the state of structures and buildings, advised on method for rehabilitation and other indispensable measures. Operation of the rehabilitated WWTP commenced in 2010.

The WWTP Mladá Boleslav I Upgrading and Intensification was part of a complex project “Mladá Boleslav Agglomeration – wastewater treatment and drainage”; total cost of the project was 544,4 million CZK (without VAT), substantial part was borne by the Cohesion Fund of EU. The aim of the project was to prevent inadequate wastewater disposal and to improve the water quality in local streams and namely in the Jizera River, which serves as raw water source for the drinking water supply to the Capital City of Prague.

The implementation of the Rehabilitation Project was done under the operation of the WWTP and took 28 months. New biological treatment line consisted of two carrousel activated sludge basins and two circular secondary sedimentation tans. Current results proved that the designed method of treatment was correct; excellent treatment effect was achieved partly due to technical solution enabling variability in operation.

Emphasis was put on quality of deliveries during construction. The committee of the “Water Management Project of the year” awarded the choice of expressive elements. The designer was inspired by the dominant operating building of unusual circular layout and thus used an existing circular tank as a basement of new sludge management and disposal facility. This further underlined the overall concept of the plant site with minimum of right angles. The final impression was enhanced by using a few basic materials and colours, especially dark red and yellow.