Water and environment

Sweco‘s experience of water and environmental projects extends more than 100 years back in time. As one of Europe’s leading players in this area, Sweco is well prepared to meet the environmental challenges of the future. Sweco’s comprehensive expertise helps clients to find solutions that are optimal from both an environmetal impact assesments. Wide range of provided services includes solutions for water supply, wastewater treatment, solid waste management and restoration of habitats. Sweco also processes various types of environmental studies and evaluation of the impact on the environment.

  • Water Supply
  • Sewerage and Wastewater treatment
  • Hydraulic engineering, hydropower, flood protection
  • Solid waste management
  • Land reclamation & Landscape engineering
  • Enviromnetal engineering
  • Software for water management

Solid waste management

Sweco Hydroprojekt belongs to the first consulting firms in Europe, which already in the beginning of the 1960‘s became proficient in the then very modern and systematic approach to the design of waste management and landfill facilities.

Since that time, a large number of facilities for the collection, recycling and landfilling of waste has been brought into operation based on our design.A large number of these facilities has been designed for hazardous waste or sludge of all kinds and various sources.

The design and engineering services related to waste management and landfilling form only a part of the services provided by Sweco Hydroprojekt. Assistance to clients also includes long-term planning of waste management systems (collection, transport, reuse or recycling and final deposition of the unused remains at landfills or burning in an incineration plants) on both regional and municipal level.

Sweco Hydroprojekt’s core services in this field:

-Assessment and evaluation of existing conditions
 - Master plans (regional, municipal and industrial)

- Landfills, reclamation and further utilization
- Master studies of waste management and disposal
 - Design of autonomous waste collection systems
- Various recycling technologies and equipment

- Treatment of wastewater from landfills

- Collection and management of landfill gases
- Detection and effective management of landfill leachate
- Effective management of waste collection