Water and environment

Sweco‘s experience of water and environmental projects extends more than 100 years back in time. As one of Europe’s leading players in this area, Sweco is well prepared to meet the environmental challenges of the future. Sweco’s comprehensive expertise helps clients to find solutions that are optimal from both an environmetal impact assesments. Wide range of provided services includes solutions for water supply, wastewater treatment, solid waste management and restoration of habitats. Sweco also processes various types of environmental studies and evaluation of the impact on the environment.

  • Water Supply
  • Sewerage and Wastewater treatment
  • Hydraulic engineering, hydropower, flood protection
  • Solid waste management
  • Land reclamation & Landscape engineering
  • Enviromnetal engineering
  • Software for water management

Sewerage and Wastewater treatment

Water quality protection and responsible wastewater treatment contributes to the improvement of environmental conditions. Sweco Hydroprojekt‘s activities span across the complex issues related to waste water collection and treatment on the municipal and industrial level. In addition to the design of new Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP), we provide services related to the modernization and expansion of existing WWTPs which at the present time do not comply with emission limits as per European legislative. We place great emphasis on the environmental safeguarding of WWTPs, reduction in their energy consumption requirements and increasing the efficiency of control systems.

Collection, treatment and disposal of sewage water needs to be done in such a way to avoid endangering human health and prevent the degradation of surface and ground water resources. Conceptual design of disposal of waste water from an urbanized basin is called a drainage master plan. The dynamic development of built-up area requires the most detailed description and evaluation of the existing situation to create a complete model with the most accurate inputs to allow detailed design required a prospective solution. At present, so-called integrated approach that considers all drainage elements and processes for wastewater treatment in context is implemented.

Sweco Hydroprojekt solves waste water of sewage and rainfall character by systematic way and with the most efficient use of available tools and resources to create sustainable water management of particular area. 

Sweco Hydroprojekt’s core services in this field:

Wastewater Treatment Plants
- Wastewater treatment technologies and mathematical modelling
- Municipal WWTPs - design, modernization and expansion
- Nutrient removal
- Tertiary stage of wastewater treatment
- Bacterial disinfection of treated wastewater
- Evaluation of wastewater impacts on the recipient
- Sludge and digester gas management, sludge treatment and disposal
- Diagnostics and evaluation of WWTP efficiency
- Economics of wastewater treatment processes and systems
- Operation manuals for wastewater treatment plants
- Education and training for operating personnel, commissioning procedures
- Industrial, agricultural and food-stuff wastewater treatment
- Recycling technologies for municipal and industrial wastewater (wastewater recycling systems)

Sewers and sewer networks
- Design of new sewer systems or expansion of existing systems
- Sanitation and refurbishment of sewer systems
- Monitoring and mathematical modelling of sewer systems (drainage master plans)
- Optimization of sewer systems and their operation
- Management of floodwater, attenuation in the sewer system
- Methods of decreasing the frequency of sewer overflows and lowering potential negative environmental impacts on the recipient
- Interaction of sewer systems with recipients
- Operation procedures for sewer systems and trunk sewers
- Simulation modelling

Sewerage system
- Trunk sewers and conduits
- Sewer systems and individual sewers
- Sanitation and refurbishment of sewer systems
- Wastewater pumping stations
- Municipal drainage systems
- Collection and retention of stormwater runoff
- Conceptual materials

Drainage master plans
- Master plan (sewerage system), conception
- Feasibility study (drainage)

Collection of sewage and storm water
-Municipal sewer systems
-Collection and retention of stormwater run off
-Impacts of wastewater overflows from vortex separators to the recipient
-Trunk sewers and conduits
-Pumping stations
-Simulation modelling