Water and environment

Sweco‘s experience of water and environmental projects extends more than 100 years back in time. As one of Europe’s leading players in this area, Sweco is well prepared to meet the environmental challenges of the future. Sweco’s comprehensive expertise helps clients to find solutions that are optimal from both an environmetal impact assesments. Wide range of provided services includes solutions for water supply, wastewater treatment, solid waste management and restoration of habitats. Sweco also processes various types of environmental studies and evaluation of the impact on the environment.

  • Water Supply
  • Sewerage and Wastewater treatment
  • Hydraulic engineering, hydropower, flood protection
  • Solid waste management
  • Land reclamation & Landscape engineering
  • Enviromnetal engineering
  • Software for water management

Water Supply

Water resources is a field that has been present in our everyday life for centuries. It deals with the abstraction, collection, purification, storage, transport and distribution of water for utilization by the general population, industry and agriculture. Sweco Hydroprojekt has longstanding experience in the water resources field and in the construction of water works, as demonstrated by a large number of completed projects, such as the largest water treatment plant (WTP) in the Czech Republic - Želivka WTP.
At the present, a complex approach to the reconstruction of existing systems with emphasis on the quality of supplied water, economics of operation, implementation of new technologies and sustainable development with respect to the environment is continuously gaining in importance.

Sweco Hydroprojekt’s core services in this field:

Water Production
- Portable water sources
    (sources of groundwater and raw surface water, pumping stations, water sources, water reservoirs)
- Source water protection

Water treatment plants
- Sludge management in water purification plants
- Water purification for industrial purposes
- Water purification technology design
- Operation manuals for water purification plants and distribution systems
- Education and training of operating personnel, commissioning procedures

Water transportation
- Pumping stations (PS)
- Water reservoirs
- Watermains; Water conduits and trunk watermains
- Water hammer evaluation and protection against water hammer

Water distribution
- Water distribution systems
- Clustered water distribution systems
- Distribution water reservoirs, underground and aboveground
- Distribution networks
- Sanitation and reconstruction of water distribution networks, trenchless technologies
- Pressure zones, optimization of water distribution systems, mathematical modelling
- Water loss reduction programs
Industrial water distribution networks

Conceptual design projects
- Water supply master plans
- Development plans (water distribution and sewer development programs), water supply concepts
- Conceptual water supply planning
- Simulation models
- Economics of water resources processes and systems
- Complex solutions for industrial water systems

Mechanical and electro-technological equipment (WTP, PS, reservoirs etc.)