Technical standards and codes for water management and environment

The Czech Office For Standards, Metrology and Testing has granted a license to Sweco Hydroprojekt to use the designation of a Centre for Standards. Employees of the Centre for Standards within Sweco Hydroprojekt are involved in the development of standards dealing with the water resources field in the following areas: Water supply management Waste water management Hydrology Hydropower Source water protection Hydrotechnical melioration Water quality Sludge classification Staff of the Centre for Standards also take part in the preparation of waste management standards and soil quality standards. We also act in the commenting role for European and international standards, developed by technical committees CEN/TC 164 Water Supply, CEN/TC 165 Waste Water Engineering, CEN/TC 230 Water Analysis, CEN/TC 292 Characterization of Waste, CEN/TC 308 Characterization of Sludge, CEN/TC 318 Hydrometry, ISO/TC 113 Hydrometry, ISO/TC 147 Water Quality, ISO/TC 190 Soil Quality and ISO/TC 224 Service activities relating to drinking water supply systems and wastewater systems. After their publication these standards are being translated into the Czech National Standards set as ČSN EN ČSN ISO standards. Additionally, we develop so-called "clean" Czech National Standards which are standards prepared in the Czech Republic. We have also developed a set of approximately 80 technical standards for the water resources industry (TNV) and technical standards for waste management (TNO). For the purposes of designers in the water resources field, we publish typical standards, technical guidelines and other resources. Sweco Hydroprojekt works in conjunction with the Czech Office For Standards, Metrology and Testing and is also the author of basic Czech standards which govern the design and operation of waste treatment and disposal facilities. All standards prepared in the recent years are compatible with standards, legislature and specifications of the European Union.