Project management

Communication and leadership are of central importance in keeping complex projects running smoothly from start to finish. Sweco’s project managers offer qualified project mangement and administration services and lead projects with high demands on teamwork and a focus on results. The services are provided in projects of all types, primary in the construction and property sectors. The service also includes strategic advice, facility management, risk analyses and performance management.

  • Designer's supervision
  • Operational support
  • Engineering services
  • Construction management (supervision)

Engineering services

Engineering is a set of measures and actions to ensure the possibility of implementing construction or reconstruction etc. within the Building Act. Provision of engineering services can be divided into several sub- stages according to customer’s requirements. The first stage in the procurement of input data, clarify the fundamental objectives of investor - builder. Specification of the building site based on knowledge of real estate listings. Discussion on prepared Basic Design or on planning approval of the competent authorities and organizations in order to secure a decision on the location of the building or facility, or changes of structures etc.

The engineering services we provide include permits for removal of buildings as well. Based on the results of consultations over documentation, the documentation is adjusted to fit all the requirements arising from the opinions of the institutions and organizations, particularly in terms of impact of the project on the protection of human health and the environment. Discussions over the project for a building permit with the competent authorities and organizations to start construction management and building permit also cover our services.

Sweco Hydroprojekt’s core services in this field:

- Engineering activities at the phase of planning application

- Engineering activities at the phase of construction management

- Engineering activities at the stage of construction