IT for urban development

In IT for urban development, Sweco links together different types of information with a geographic position. Investments in IT can contribute to significant financial and environmental gains. The areas of use are many, and can include everything from boosting efficiency in the transport sector and studying the need for public transport in a specific area, to planning of forest cutting and mapping of water and sewage lines. Sweco’s consultants within IT for urban development are active mainly in the areas of energy, infrastructure, public environments, forestry and transport.

  • Software development
  • Hydroinformatics
  • GIS
  • WINPlan


Sweco Hydroprojekt has long-term experience in the employment of GIS in water resources studies, especially as part of conceptual design projects. These include, for example, water distribution and sewer network master plans, watershed protection plans and flood protection projects. The main clients in this area include Regional Municipalities and Watershed Conservation Authorities.

An important area in which GIS is utilized includes the preparation of water distribution and sewer network master plans, as well as watershed studies. In this area, we use GIS tools to create mathematical models, develop geographical mapping projects, create graphical displays and databases for our clients.

Our company has been involved for a significant length of time in the development of GIS software tools in support of projects dealing with municipal utilities, as part of our own project activities, as well as for those of external end users.