Industrial engineering

Sweco offers customised total solutions for all types of technical investments in the industrial sector. Our industrial engineering services enhance our client’s competitivness and support their core operating processes. Close dialogue about the client’s businesses is a key to success factor. Our engineers take part in investment projects in the process, energy production, mining, manufacturing and marine industries. The wide range of services include everything from consulting engineering services to planning and design and project management.

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Industrial zones and areas
  • Flood protection of industrial sites

Water Treatment Plants

Sweco Hydroprojekt deals with the treatment of drinking water including water supply systems related solutions since 1950’s when the company was established. In the 70‘s and 80‘s of the 20th century, work focused on developing projects for new water treatment plant. At the time, there were developed projects for a number of major water treatment plants – such as WTP Želivka, WTP Hradiste, WTP Pilsen, WTP Plav, WTP Nova Ves and many others in Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia. Since the 90‘s of the 20th century,  works has been moved to the area of ​​reconstruction of water treatment plants. The first big project, implemented in the years 1992 – 2001, was the reconstruction of WTP Podoli in Prague. This was then followed by the reconstruction of a number of other WTPs  such as WTP Reckov, WTP Hradiste, WTP Sous, WTP Hajska, WTP Jirkov, WTP III. Mlyn, WTP Karany, WTP Mostiste, WTP Mezibori, WTP Pilsen and others. Based on the experience, Sweco Hydroprojekt in collaboration with other experts prepared recommendations and solutions on how to proceed in case of reconstruction of water treatment plants with the aim of maximizing the effect of the reconstruction and extension of the life of the structure.

Solved project preparation of reconstruction of WTP is processed in the following steps ( the phases of the project) :

- Risk analysis of drinking water in the water supply system or water supply system
- Audit of water treatment plant
- Chemical-technological exploration process of WTP
- Construction and technical survey
- Assessment of technical state of technological equipment
- Feasibility studies and pilot a model test
- Detailed assessment of the technical and operational status of WTP
- Completeness of an analysis of the quality of raw and treated water, assessment of the effectiveness of various technological stages
- Evaluation of the performance of WTP related to long-term water consumption, determination of conditions on how a WTP would be operated during the emergency operation
- Design of concept for a reconstruction in variants, an assessment of possible options for reconstruction, evaluation of alternatives in terms of ensuring the required quality of treated water and in terms of investment and operating costs
- Recommendations of progress works, draft of  reconstruction in phases in compliance with the quality of drinking water
- Project documentation
- Realization of WTP
- Trial period