Industrial engineering

Sweco offers customised total solutions for all types of technical investments in the industrial sector. Our industrial engineering services enhance our client’s competitivness and support their core operating processes. Close dialogue about the client’s businesses is a key to success factor. Our engineers take part in investment projects in the process, energy production, mining, manufacturing and marine industries. The wide range of services include everything from consulting engineering services to planning and design and project management.

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Industrial zones and areas
  • Flood protection of industrial sites

Wastewater Treatment Plants

One of the dominant fields of Sweco Hydroprojekt’s activities is dealing with the collection and treatment of wastewater. In addition to large municipal wastewater treatment plants, Sweco Hydroprojekt deals with special technologies for industrial waste water treatments suitable for different sizes of all types of industrial plants. It uses specific and advanced technologies of water treatment for businesses such as oil refining, paper and pulp factories, thermal power plants, steelworks and ironworks industries as well as  chemical and food industries. It also addresses the recycling of industrial waste water for its reuse as process water. The project also includes technology for the ultimate disposal of sludge.

Sweco Hydroprojekt’s core services in this field:
- Treatment for all stages of project documentation for the implementation of wastewater treatment plants including sewer
- Preparation of documentation assess the impact of construction on the environment
- Preparation of the operating rules
- Assistance in the commissioning and management, and evaluation of test operation
- Assessment of existing wastewater treatment plants