Energy systems

Sweco’s comprehensive expertise in energy-related services covers all stages of the energy supply chain – from production to distribution and consumption. The goal is to help our clients to develop a safe, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable energy supply. Sweco is a forerunner in finding innovative solutions that limit the use of fossil fuels. We also provide solutions that develop and enhance traditional types of energy facilities.

  • Process water for thermal and nuclear power plants
  • The use of biogas from sludge management of wastewater treatment plants
  • Wastewater treatment from power plants
  • Hydropower

Wastewater treatment from power plants

The main problem of wastewater from power plants is usually the salinity as well as the content of suspended substances and petroleum character. By optimization of water circuits of power plants, we achieve a reduction in the amount of water in circulation circuits accepted by power plants, which gives the effect of reducing the amount of water to replenish the water circuits and thus leads to a reduction of the costs of additional water. When designing a solutions, Sweco Hydroprojekt uses the latest knowledge and BAT technologies in the field.

Sweco Hydroprojekt’s  core services in this field:

- Optimization of involvement of circulation circuits
- Design of technology of water purification circulation circuits