Energy systems

Sweco’s comprehensive expertise in energy-related services covers all stages of the energy supply chain – from production to distribution and consumption. The goal is to help our clients to develop a safe, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable energy supply. Sweco is a forerunner in finding innovative solutions that limit the use of fossil fuels. We also provide solutions that develop and enhance traditional types of energy facilities.

  • Process water for thermal and nuclear power plants
  • The use of biogas from sludge management of wastewater treatment plants
  • Wastewater treatment from power plants
  • Hydropower

The use of biogas from sludge management of wastewater treatment plants

Stabilization of sludge at wastewater treatment plants with over 30 000 EO is mostly carried out by the anaerobic stabilization from the biogas production. The advantage of this solution is the conversion of the energy contained in the sludge into biogas, which is easily utilized. Produced biogas is mostly burned in cogeneration units with the production of heat and elektricity energy. Biogas is a source of renewable energy. It is one of the ways to reduce the carbon footprint. Sweco Hydroprojekt contributes to a sustainable development by this way as well.

Sweco Hydroprojekt’s  core services in this field:

- Determination of sludge production
- Dimenzioning of anaerobic reactors
- Calculation of biogas production
- Design of intensification of biogas production with the processing of other biodegradable waste
- Percentage of self-sufficiency in waste water treatment plants in power consumption including proposals to increase the percentage.