Architecture and urban planning

Sweco creates architecture for a sustainable society and contributes to good environments where people can live, work, learn, play and heal. Sweco has capabilities in interior design, landscape architecture, urban planning, socio.economic assessment and consequence analysis. The company’s services also include advanced visualisation, sustainable development and startegic analysy. This wide-ranging expertise facilitates inter-disciplinary coordination and is essential for success in large and complex assignments. Sweco Hydroprojekt respects the requirements related to the value of structure such as low energy consumption, construction costs, compliance with environmental principles. Priorities for projects involving overground structures are sensitive integration into the surrounding environment, the preservation of vegetation elements, respect for people and nature.

  • Building Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Land Use Planning
  • Landscape Engineering and Architecture
  • Land Consolidation

Landscape Engineering and Architecture

Landscape engineering targets the issue of development of landscape and landscape planning. It optimizes the conditions under which the landscape is used so as not to its gradual destruction. The removal of the negative consequences of poorly executed land consolidation is particularly significant, as well as inappropriate land management practices and large-scale drainage, restoration of natural functions of watercourses and their beds including accompanying vegetation and buffer strips along streams and ensuring conditions for biological recovery flows. Another important part of landscape engineering is reclamation and associated remediation of contaminated sites.

Sweco Hydroprojekt focuses on targeted development of landscape and landscape planning, especially in terms of water management, restoration of the environment and erosion control. Consulting and advisory services in the field of landscape engineering is always carried out in close collaboration with a client and also in accordance with the terms of a possible source of funding to the maximum extent possible to receive funding from grant sources. 


- Support regeneration of urbanized landscape

- Landscaping and water management measures

- Precipitation drainage basin study

- Flood control measures addressed natural way

-Water management and technical solutions watercourses and buildings on watercourses

-Water management and technical solutions for small ponds and water reservoirs

-Programs revitalization of river systems

- Restoration of watercourses, wetlands and peatlands

- Addressing the opening up of the migration objects on watercourses (fish ladders)

-Economic and silvicultural treatment and torrent control and stabilization of ravines

- Water management measures proposed as common facilities within the land consolidation

-Land reclamation after industrial and mining works

- Restoring agricultural and forest environment
- Irrigation of land and protection of unique habitats

- Drainage of agricultural land and land for use by land development plan

- Erosion control measures in the area of ​​a basin, the design of specific erosion control measures