Business partner portal

This site provides information for Sweco’s current and potential Business Partners.

General requirements

For Sweco, sound and sustainable business practices are the foundation of our relationships with Business Partners. We developed our Business Partner Programme to ensure compliance with our high ethical standards. This page provides information and documents that form the basis of our Business Partner Programme and which all potential Sweco Business Partners are required to accept.

Sweco’s procedures for risk management with regard to suppliers and tenders regulates whether or not Sweco will submit a tender for an assignment and ensures responsible conduct throughout the course of the assignment.

Data Privacy

Sweco Privacy Statement
This statement shows you Sweco’s general principles for protecting data privacy.
For the Sweco Privacy Statement please click here

Sweco Privacy Notice
In this Privacy Notice Sweco sets out what personal data we collect and use from our clients and valued relations, for what purposes and to whom these personal data may be disclosed by us in the context of our relation. Further, this Privacy Notice includes information regarding the individuals’ rights with respect to the processing of their personal data.

For the Privacy Notice please click here

Sweco ethics line

Sweco ethics line is a phone and web-based service that provides the option of anonymously reporting suspected non-compliance with business ethics standards.

If you suspect non-compliance at Sweco and want to report it, please enter the following link and use the access code 09973.

For more information on how Sweco Processes your personal data when you file a report through Ethics Line, please click here

Compliance for Sweco Business Partners

Compliance program for business partners document

The document is for you that would like to become a Sweco business partner and can be printed to keep as memory support.

Business ethics documents

  • Sweco’s Code of Conduct is the collective ethical policy to ensure responsible conduct on the part of Sweco’s employees, suppliers and partners.

  • Download the below document to read about Sweco's sponsorship policy.

  • Download the below document to read Sweco's policy for gifts and business entertainment.

  • Read the document below about Sweco's anti-bribery and corruption policy.

  • Read the document below to familiarise yourself with the ethical business dilemmas we generally discuss with our Business Partners.

  • All of Sweco's countries are certified. The certificate is handled in each country.

    Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Bulgaria and Lithuania are included in the multi certificate for Sweco group. The certification has been approved by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance to Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety Management System Standards.

  • Download the document below to access Sweco Business Partner Assessment. The document should be used in export projects.