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The “New Water Line” Project in Prague wins “Project of the Year 2019”

The project ”Complete redevelopment and extension of the Central Waste Water Treatment Plant (CWWTP), the City of Prague on the Emperor’s Island, Part 0001 – New Water Line (NWL)” designed by Sweco Czech Republic has won a prestigious award “Project of the Year 2019”.

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From threat to opportunity – Revaluating storm water in urban areas

The report From threat to opportunity – Revaluating storm water in urban areas investigates how sustainable storm water management can contribute to the creation of livable cities.

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Urban Insight

Urban Insight is based on a series of insight reports written by Sweco experts. It is a long-term initiative with a different theme each year. The theme for 2018 is Urban Move, focusing on mobility and sustainable development of transports in Europe.

The report, Running to stand still – the role of travel time in transport planning, explores the concept of travel time budget and its implications for urban planning. The means of transportation available to people have evolved dramatically since the first European cities were built. Over the past 200 years alone we have gone from walking, to riding a horse, to driving. Public transport networks have developed to help us get where we need to go faster and more comfortably. However, the time we allocate for travel has not changed
significantly. Rather, the distances we travel have been extended. Read the report to learn more about how citizen behavior shapes cities.

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