Belarus Water Sector Framework (BWSF) – Feasibility Studies for the Minsk, Brest, Mogilev and Gomel Oblasts

Sweco Hydroprojekt is involved in the large-scale assignment dealing with development of 8 feasibility studies under the EBRD financing for 8 different municipalities in the Republic of Belarus.

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Water Supply

Water resources is a field that has been present in our everyday life for centuries. It deals with the abstraction, collection, purification, storage, transport and distribution of water for utilization by the general population, industry and agriculture. Sweco Hydroprojekt has longstanding experience in the water resources field and in the construction of water works, as demonstrated by a large number of completed projects, such as the largest water treatment plant (WTP) in the Czech Republic - Želivka WTP.

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Structural engineering

Apart from typical sturcutres for water management, Sweco Hydroprojekt is a designer of hydraulic structures as well as other structures related to water resources. The remaining capacity is utilized in the design of structures not related to water resources, such as residential buildings, multi-function buildings, civic structures, industrial facilities, etc. The design of such buildings and facilities is conducted based on a complex and wide range of requirements brought about by current legislature and individual clients.

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